Tuesday, 3 April 2007

orange rhyming

The Avon Gorge, Bristol, South West England

I was up at 5am for an early bird walk, catching the pre-dawn (blackbirds) and dawn birdsong of robins, wrens, blackcaps, chaffinches, and dunnocks. All this was finished off with a big mug of steaming Rosy Lee and a bacon or veg. butty!

new boots,
and a rhyme with orange-
copper sunrise

Can you identify the speeding bird?

(all photographs by Alan Snappy Summers)

crime scene-
a witness speeds off
as I call in his car I.D.

P.S. everyone is welcomed to the Haiku Hotel Spring Kukai Competition! A link can be found at Area 17, on the side bar:
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Mandy said...

is it a jackdaw?

Alan Summers said...

Yes! ;-)

They kept coming back to a branch above the cliff. That one was particularly camera shy.