Sunday, 18 March 2007

moonless night -
the magnolia enlightens
the street

nuit sans lune -
le magnolia
éclaire la rue


Dana-Maria Onica said...

A very beautiful poem, Damien. It is not a simple snapshot, has mystery, has something unspoken.
Thank you for sharing.

Aurora Antonovic said...

Les deux versions Anglaise et Francaise de ces poemes sont excellente.:)

Roswila said...

Oh so lovely. In my imagination it's a magnolia tree. What enlightenment. :-)

Damien Gabriels said...

Thanks all of you for your kind comments - Merci à toutes et tous

Carina Nibér said...

Hi Damien,
Yes your poem is really beautiful!
I wonder if I can use it in the background of an oilpainting? With your name of course as the authour.
Right now I'm into painting magnolias...